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Wiggi World Rescue

Wiggi World Rescue:
Rescue the world from fires. Put them out by stomping on them!


  • Keyboard: Move Left, Right Left, Right arrow keys Crouch Down Arrow Key Stomp On Flames Space bar
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    msloriholton2171 days ago.


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    shaishaker22248 days ago.

    i love this

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    starzine2269 days ago.

    great game

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    catherinepricewoodard2311 days ago.

    Totally cool.

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    digitalwatch2402 days ago.

    its ok.. but not my flavor

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    couponsaver4052453 days ago.

    Cute game.

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    mistyeya2459 days ago.

    it was ok

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    theSane2486 days ago. boring quick. whats with the bird?

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    jasonaudelo102516 days ago.

    didn even understand it.

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    shenelleanderson2519 days ago.

    sooooooo dizzzy but it was decent

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