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Tahiti Hidden Pearls


Oceanbird2555 days ago.

Fun. Graphics OK. Hard to see. Sound terrible.

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sheilamilo2559 days ago.

Too small to see

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brianajohnston2570 days ago.

i love games like this ;)

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mrshrainey2572 days ago.

this is way to small to see

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maric1232579 days ago.

screen small , hard 2 really even tell what some objects are. ended up giving up towards the last game.

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joanneking07022579 days ago.

I had fun

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rayven80992580 days ago.

screen too small even for a desktop, hard to see what's in the pics.

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kwallace4202592 days ago.

too small of a playing screen for a laptop

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elizabetherick4287112593 days ago.

too hard

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theSane2600 days ago.

i like games like this, but it is really small!!

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