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Spear throwing accuracy was important back in the day.. Try your skills at it today!


  • Mouse Click to select and pick up the spear, Mouse for angle, Click again to shoot
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    KELLY2490351968 days ago.


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    sweepsplaya1998 days ago.

    best one yet

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    dexterbullock2003 days ago.

    da beeast

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    ljaeger242014 days ago.


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    msloriholton2023 days ago.


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    tj2062055 days ago.


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    HarryJamesPotter162073 days ago.

    this game sucks

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    tmscas2084 days ago.

    good game brings me back to Atari age..

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    rikkidotti2137 days ago.

    It's alright... should add velocity, instead of just trajectory.

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    catherinepricewoodard2162 days ago.

    i have no type of accuracy, maybe thats why i lost.

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