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Jungle Assassin

Jungle Assassin:
Destroy everyone that stands in your way. Stealth is the key to becoming a true Jungle Assassin!


  • Keyboard: Arrow keys to move, Space bar to stab.
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    rlucero4132287 days ago.

    i like the part were you have to sneak on your enemy.

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    ckinard5182310 days ago.

    screen kept moving up

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    Dayissick2348 days ago.


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    devonortolani2350 days ago.


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    dank572355 days ago.

    I only played a little bit, but i will definitely be back to play more. this game is very well put together! it rocks!

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    zeshanhkhalid2388 days ago.

    idk about this one its pretty cool but kind of hard

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    LIFETREEMV2390 days ago.

    not sure

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    Georog1232391 days ago.

    not that good of a game to play

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    razersharp1012414 days ago.


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    tmscas2436 days ago.


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