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The classic strategy game is here and online! Use your skill and logic to track down then enemy's battle ships and blast them to the bottom of the ocean!


  • Place battleships - Use the mouse to place the battleships. Please note that you cannot place a battleship directly next to another one.
  • Attack a spot - Use the mouse to click on whatever spot you'd like to attack, then click on the "Fire" button to confirm.


  • Width: 670
  • Height: 550

  • Rewiews/Comments

    86972368 days ago.

    this game rules

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    Georog1232396 days ago.

    Good game

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    emceenerney2409 days ago.

    fun but a bit tedious. I don't like that you have to watch the ship shoot your move

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    berri_teri2427 days ago.

    too slow

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    HarryJamesPotter162440 days ago.

    THis game is amazin

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    tomcole378532530 days ago.

    does not work with google cr48 computers

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    isis2582 days ago.

    luv this game

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    nontoxic0072616 days ago.


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    digitalwatch2625 days ago.

    not 4 me

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    rentmac72643 days ago.

    really really fun

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